Hair: An Ode To The First Cut

"...will it grow back...?" a soft voice called from the illuminated hall behind the couch. Their caretaker snapped awake, the muted television and dropped phone still running a mobile game the reminder of what happened a mere hour ago.  They sat up, looking over the back of the couch, staring at the small, sniffling figure … Continue reading Hair: An Ode To The First Cut

The Klutz

"Red wire... Blue... No, green wire..." The rain padded against the heavy glass in hard sheets, lightning cracking against the sky, the dark room lighting up, the figure illuminated for a split second.  The guard walking past didn't notice, too busy talking into his earpiece, the rain trying to soak through their heavy coat. The … Continue reading The Klutz


The Atonement, the ARK ship, slowly pulled up the Pagoda's side hours later.  While the ARK ship was fully stocked for another couple hundred years, the citizens had made it a habit to venture out of their way by a few hundred klicks to other ships drifting in space.  The community had gotten into scrimmages with space … Continue reading II.


Thousands of feet pounded against the steel grate floor as everyone rushed towards the escape pods. The Pagoda, an interstellar cruise ship, was going down. The ship had already been going through enough hardship; the cruise ship got "lost" on the way home.  The 6 month long trip had been been lost in space for 3 … Continue reading I.