The Chase

Zahari sat at her computer as the doctor tried to calm Mack down.  Mack's whole body was shaking. "Rihal should be here in a few hours," Zahari said, watching Mack with concern. "Curious that they decided to hang around so close," Dr. Mishka said, placing a hand on Mack's back. Zahari was pulling up information … Continue reading The Chase

The Choice

Mack paced their room back and forth, as MedBay, the medical bot, reached its metal arms out to try to wrap Mack in gauze. "What the fuck was I looking at?" Mack mumbled to themselves. "Please hold still, please hold still, please hold still, please hold still," MedBay cried out. "MACK!" Mack stopped walking, MedBay … Continue reading The Choice