Homemade Jewelry

The bell to the door startled the patron as they walked in.  The store smelt of Dragon's Blood, old books and sugar. "'Allo!"  someone said from the back of the store.  "I'll be with you in just one moment!" The patron slowly walked through the aisles, touching the trinkets, feeling the spines of some of … Continue reading Homemade Jewelry


Horne, Bean and Bandie put Sasha in the sidecar and started to push it down the halls of the resort. "We're not going to make it,"  Bandie said, watching Sasha's chest rise and fall slowly. As they waited for an elevator, a voice from behind them spoke. "Y...You think yo... you can just leave...?" It … Continue reading Rest


Sasha's head snapped back up from her slump in the seats.  She groaned, trying to stretch out but her body was still too stiff.  She looked around.  Everyone was still asleep.  She looked out the window.  The ship wasn't moving and they were on the outskirts of the Glitter Freeze.  She unbuckled herself and slowly … Continue reading Lost